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Feb 23rd:

I'm back! I survived my very first semester at university, ha~

I updated the "Music" section - have fun with all the new uploads x3

Jan 24st:

Great news, everbody! I officially became a full member of Velvet Kitsune today, making Germany the 2nd country that is holding VK members. Please support us while we're working on our duo debut with original music!

Velvet Kitsune Official Website

Jan 19th:

KiMiPro made its debut today! Please check out the promotional video for our first single down below!

Jan 15th:

I won the First Senbatsu Sousenkyo of FOREVER! Thank you to everyone who supported me! I will release my first solo single under Tengoku Agency this Spring, please watch out for it!

Jan 2nd:

YME48 subunit SO!Futari was formed! It consists of Mao and me. Please support us~

Jan 1st:

Happy new year! May your wishes for 2018 come true~


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