About Me

Hey there!

I'm a girl from Germany and an aspiring Net Idol. My name is Amami Emi, but you can call me Emicchi~

I'm currently a member of various online Cover Groups out there and a member of one Idol Group who goes an extra step for the sake of becoming well known and improving everyday. Plus, I joined the Idol group Velvet Kitsune that will create original music just recently!

I also do Solo Work and Collaborations, so if you're interested in joining me with my passion for making music, just contact me and we will see what can be done!

I have great plans for future projects, but my history as a Net Idol has just started, so follow me closely to not miss any updates and support me in upcoming events and works!

I'm grateful for every new fan and supporter.

Keep your heads up and your hearts open for new experiences!



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